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Imagine Whittier matches every family member with a one-to-one mentor; plus every family gets a Budget Mentor; and other volunteers help with tutoring, career development, childcare, healthcare, meal-planning and more. Week-by-week family members build relationships, skills and habits. Month-by-month we see confidence build, income, grades, and wellness rise. Ultimately, the family’s journey goes from barely surviving to thriving. 
There are several ways to be involved with a family:

  • Team Liaison (1-2 year commitment, minimum 1 hour weekly), coordinates and oversees the Team, using community resources and services available to them
  • Budget Mentor (1-2 year commitment, 2-3 hours biweekly at first, then once a month), meets with the head of household every 2 weeks – monthly to help work on budgeting, credit repair, savings, and opening bank accounts
  • One-to-one Mentor (1-2 year commitment, 1-2 hours weekly, meet with mentee consistently biweekly in person), meets with their mentee to provide nurturing and coaching. Helps each family member build a sense of community and support and also helps head of household with career development, job coaching, and education support
  • Tutor (Minimum 3 months or up to program duration, once a week), provides skills training in areas needing improvement and assist mentee in improving study skills/habits and building confidence
  • Health/Nutrition Mentor (Minimum 3 months or up to program duration, as needed), assists Family in accessing medical and dental care, and with grocery shopping, meal planning and meal preparation
  • Additional mentors and advocates as needed. These may include support for child care, support for moving, wellness, legal support, etc.

YOU can be a vital part of a family’s journey out of the cycle of homelessness, poverty and neglect.

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