Welcome to The Whole Child


To the children who are our reason for being:
We promise a safe and supportive environment in which we will listen, seek to understand and guide you in developing the skills to build emotionally healthy lives and become caring, responsible young adults.

To the families who come to us for help:
We provide education, training and support tailored to your unique needs, which builds upon your strengths to help you heal, grow and become more effective, empowered parents who can create loving, nurturing families.

To the men and women who work with us:
We offer a welcoming workplace that values each person's contributions, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities for professional development and reinforces the common bond of service and caring that brought you here.

To the people who support us financially:
We pledge impeccable fiscal responsibility, transparent financial management and responsible investment practices, along with the assurance that your financial support is transforming children's lives every day.

To the community in which we operate:
We will be a responsive, highly professional agency partner and a credit to our community, embracing all children, creating positive outcomes in their lives and remaining ever mindful that emotionally healthy children are the heart of our future.

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About The Whole Child


Our mission is to give children of all ages the skills, support and security they need to build emotionally healthy lives and become caring, responsible adults.

Our commitment to children includes their parents, whom we empower to create nurturing families. Together, we enrich our community and our world.


We envision a society that embraces children as its most precious resource and that is actively committed to their safety, emotional well-being and ability to thrive at home, school and play.

The Whole Child formerly known as Intercommunity Child Guidance Center is one of the oldest private nonprofit mental health contractors in Los Angeles County. Founded in 1957 by concerned community members of the Whittier Coordinating Council, the agency's mission is to restore children’s emotional health. Recently the agency changed its name to "The Whole Child", honoring its 55-year legacy of helping underserved and under-represented infants, children, and their families achieve "wholeness". The new name better conveys our philosophy that not only does every child matter, every aspect of the child matters. The Whole Child provides comprehensive mental health services, parent enrichment and housing services to over 8,000 children and their families annually.
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The Whole Child

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10155 Colima Road
Whittier, CA 90603

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